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Will and Kate Photography

We Treat you like Royalty



Who are We?

Bill: "I would describe us as fun, goofy, and understanding. No one likes their picture taken, we get it, so its important to feel comfortable. We like to laugh, joke and get everyone at their best."

Kate: "The Clients job is to relax, be present in the moment and let us take care of the rest. I will 'go there' from standing in the ocean, climbing trees, to laying down in mud. We will make it happen and deliver the best."


Do I need 2 Photographers?

YES! You get ONE chance to capture a Moment so we work together! 2 Photographers, 2 pairs of eyes, 2 Cameras, and in 2 Places at Once. Kate helps Women get ready (don't want a guy in the room for that), while Bill is with the Men and capturing Decor. We are each others backup.

Food gets eaten,

Flowers wilt

Pictures are Forever!


Can't I just use my Cell Phone?

Cell Phones are for Trips, Bowling, Ball Games and Selfies. 

When you are talking "Milestones", "Forever Memories", "Show my Kids One Day", then you want quality. 

You want everyone smiling, able to see dimples, color correcting, wrinkle removal, teeth whitening and so on. 

You want to look your best, we do too!